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I have a Diastasis Recti…now what?

First, there is no reason to panic or run to your nearest surgeon.  There are some things you can start doing immediately to prevent your Diastasis from getting worse and begin the healing process. Think ALIGNMENT! Like brushing your teeth, this is not a one time fix, but more a lifetime of maintenance.  When our […]

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C-section Recovery

You finally meet your baby and it is more than words could describe. He is perfect, but if you had a c-section, you might feel less than stellar yourself. Here are some simple exercises you can start in the hospital to speed your recovery. 1) Cough 5 times an hour (support your belly with a […]

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Abdominal Splinting: you should not feel like a tube of toothpaste!

Hello Mommas!  Today I’d like to talk to you about abdominal splinting.  This is NOT the same thing as a compression wrap, corset or spanx that squeezes you like a tube of toothpaste causing parts of you to ooze out the top or bottom.  Was that enough of a visual for you?!  If you have […]

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