I have a Diastasis Recti…now what?

First, there is no reason to panic or run to your nearest surgeon.  There are some things you can start doing immediately to prevent your Diastasis from getting worse and begin the healing process.


Like brushing your teeth, this is not a one time fix, but more a lifetime of maintenance.  When our bodies are misaligned, we are putting added stress on certain muscles, while other muscles atrophy from underuse.

Posture check:

Stand against the wall with your feet far enough away that you have room for your bum.  Think of dropping your tailbone down.  Your “bra-line” should be touching the wall.  Bring your ribs down and in to make this happen.  This should relieve tension in the upper back and engage the abdominal muscles more in the front.

Train your Transverse!

This lovely abdominal muscle is responsible for supporting and elongating your torso. It holds in your organs and is your god-given girdle.  You can actually shrink your waistline without loosing a pound by strengthening your transverse abdominus.

Find it:

Try making a football player “hut” sound.  That’s your TVA

Tone it:

Think of “zipping up” from your pelvic floor to your ribs.  Just like putting on your skinny jeans.  As you inhale, allow your abdominal cavity to inflate like a balloon.  Do NOT suck in!  Then exhale and draw your TVA up and in toward your spine.