Correcting Muscular Imbalances – Postpartum

When you are pregnant the natural S-curve of your spine is exaggerated.  It is important to choose exercises that help to counter this exaggeration and NOT make it worse.  Here are the particular areas of focus for any postpartum fitness routine.

Pregnancy affects the following muscles by making them tighter. These need to be LENGTHENED.

  1. Pectorals (chest muscles)
  2. Illiospoas (hip flexors)
  3. Hamstrings (upper, back of the leg)
  4. Lumbar region (lower back)

Pregnancy affects the following muscles by making them lose and week. These muscles need to be STRENGTHENED.

  1. Rectus Abdominus (6-pack muscles)
  2. Transverse Abdominus (inner “corset” muscles)
  3. Pelvic Floor (figure 8-shaped muscles in your undercarriage)
  4. Gluteus maximus (largest muscles in your bum)

Here is a great exercise for countering a tight chest and rounded shoulders!

Floor Angels


Lying with yoga blocks under your ribcage and head.  Allow your legs to lengthen down or butterfly open.  Move your arms slowly around as if doing “snow angels”.  Stop and breath in any places that are particularly tight.  This is a passive stretch, so gravity is doing all the work.  The longer you can stay in the pose the better.