Certified Training by: Sara Pelfrey Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist

Why Moms2bFit?

SARA PELFREY is an AFPA certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness specialist with a BA degree in Dance from Coker College and a passion for helping moms “put themselves back together”.  She is also a proud wife, and the mother of three lovely children.

“I exercised throughout each of my pregnancies, and I found the lack of information on pre/postnatal exercise frustrating.  I didn’t know what I should or shouldn’t do, what was safe, what might cause issues.  The only advice I got from the doctor who performed my second C-section was to wait 12 WEEKS before exercising, and I had a dance concert in 12 weeks!  I’d spent my life learning about body mechanics, anatomy, fitness, dance, etc. and I knew exercise would be paramount to helping me keep my sanity and function as a new mom.  I starting researching and learning, and what began as a passion of mine turned into a career choice.  I wanted to offer other women access to the information that had been lacking for me.”
Moms2bfit works with women to develop individualized fitness plans to address their specific needs and to overcome the many obstacles they face during and after pregnancy.  Sara’s fitness plans are focused on helping women safely re-train their core and pelvic floor, correct postural issues and lose weight after pregnancy.  She also works with women that may have had children years ago but need to address a Diastasis Recti.  “So many women are actually doing exercises that make their abdominal separation worse!”  Moms2bfit gives moms the resources they need to take charge of their health throughout the amazing journey of motherhood.



It is a separating and thinning of the connective tissue between the rectus abdominal muscles. You may feel a “hole” around your belly button or see a bulge down the center line of your stomach.






Poor posture, improper body mechanics, multiple pregnancies and forceful, forward movements like crunches and sit-ups create intra-abdominal pressure that releases in the form of a Diastasis Recti.  About a third of first-time-moms and two thirds of moms who have had multiple pregnancies experience some abdominal separation.


Core is defined as “the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything”.  Our core is made of the transverse abdominus, diaphragm, multifidus and pelvic floor muscles.  A “hole” in our rectus abdominals causes instability that adds stress to other areas.  Back pain, umbilical hernia, uterine prolapse and incontinence are all associated with as Diastasis.  Basically, the weakest point in your body gives under the added pressure.


Because DR is a whole body issue, you need to learn to stand, sit, walk and carry your baby with proper body mechanics. Pregnancy and life take their toll on our bodies, so we need to retrain our Transverse Abdominals (TVA or God-given girdle) to engage by drawing the muscle up and in toward the spine.  Learning to engage the TVA as we are standing, sitting, squatting or lifting is imperative.  There are many factors that affect the healing process, such as the width and depth of the separation, but it can ALWAYS be improved.
If you are ready to re-train your core or want to see if you do have a diastasis recti, contact Sara Pelfrey by form HERE.  We are super moms, but we are not invincible!

My Services

Prenatal Support

* Because prenatal fitness is individualized according to your level of health, stage of pregnancy, etc. please contact me to come up with the best plan for you.

Core Retraining/Diastasis Repair


Personal Training

Plans and Pricing

Core Retraining/Diastasis

$40.00+ / per session

  • $45/single session (about 30 minutes)
  • 4 Core Retraining Sessions – $160 ($180 Value, you save $20)
  • 8 Core Retraining sessions – $320 ($360 value, you save $40)
  • 10 Core Retraining sessions – $450 ($450 value, you save $50)

Personal Training

$65.00+ / per session

  • $65/single session (about 30 minutes)
  • 12 Personal Training sessions – $660
  • Postpartum clients must have completed core re-training or have core strength assessment.
  • 12 week commitment required

Belly After Baby

$250.00 / per package

  • 1 Initial session prior to your due date
  • 1 in-home session at 2 weeks postpartum
  • 4 Core Retraining sessions

Moms2bfit Deluxe

$760.00 / per package

  • 4 core re-training sessions
  • 10 personal training sessions


“I had been dealing with a diastasis for over a year and a half and had tried an online program and I just wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. I began searching the internet to see if I could find a real person near me who could help me. All of the medical professionals I had seen thus far told me surgery was my only option. I found Sara through Fit2B’s website and she was the only one familiar with their program and the non surgical approach that was in SC. I still live two hours away from her and drive to see her monthly. She has been so kind and patient and really understands where I am coming from. She helped me understand that although I knew the correct exercises to do to correct the DR, I wasn’t necessarily doing them correctly and I was progressing myself much too quickly through the online program, therefore undoing all of my progress. This is where it has been invaluable to see her and be able to have the advantage of gleaning from her personal experience from her own life and her experience with her clients. She has always been so flexible and available to see me anytime.”


“I was in my last couple weeks of pregnancy with baby #9 when I first heard about Moms2bfit. After baby was born, I contacted Sara to help with diastasis recti (the separation of the recti muscles that often happens during pregnancy). After seeing Sara for 4 weeks, my muscles were back where they belonged and my core was and still is MUCH stronger. I didn’t realize before seeing Sara that the ab workouts I was doing were actually exacerbating the problem. The methods Sara taught to strengthen my core took my fitness to a whole new level. Sara is fantastic and everything she teaches makes complete sense. Her in-home studio is very nice and her prices are very reasonable. If you think you might have diastasis or pelvic floor dysfunction or are looking for someone to help kick start an active lifestyle in a healthy way, Sara is your gal! I will defiantly call her for anything I need in the future!”


“I used Moms2befit for both my pregnancies. Sara and Moms2befit helped me immensely during both of my pregnancies. It was nice to have prenatal workouts that were specifically designed for each trimester, as well as postpartum work to help strengthen my pelvic floor and repair a Diastasis Recti. Prior to meeting with Sara I was unsure of what type of exercises I could do during pregnancy and how hard I could push myself without harming the baby or my body. She helped me understand what exercises were appropriate and how to do them correctly. I would definitely recommend that all pregnant women and new moms find a Moms2befit instructor to help them throughout their pregnancies and after as well.”


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